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How long to grill Burgers?


In summer, we like to sizzle sausages, vegetables & Co, and juicy meat patties on the grill. With our tips for grilling burgers and many delicious recipe ideas, the next barbecue is guaranteed to be a real taste highlight!

Grilling burgers

The Grilling burgers is simply part of the summer!  

Grilling burgers – what do I need for it?

Ingredients for grill Burgers:

  1. Burger patties
  2. Burger bun
  3. BBQ sauces  or burger sauces  (e.g. ketchup , mustard , chutney , mayonnaise )
  4. Topping of your choice (e.g. lettuce , tomatoes , cucumber , mushrooms , cheese )


Ball , charcoal or gas grill

Meat thermometer.

Which meat do you use for grilling a burger?

For classic  burgers from the grill, you use pure beef  mince with a fat content of at least 20% – this way the patties are optimally juicy and at the same time nice and compact. You can just as easily use mixed minced meat , which usually has a higher fat content of at least 35% fat and a correspondingly softer consistency. 

When buying meat , we rely on quality from the supermarket’s fresh produce counter or a trusted butcher. In particular, if you like the burger to be pink (medium) on the inside  and not quite well done , you should pay attention to very fresh meat when shopping . If you have a meat grinder at home, turning the meat yourself is worthwhile and processing it directly.

You should pay attention to this when buying meat for grill Burgers! 

Grilling burger patties – that’s the right way to do it

Patties are at the heart of a delicious burger! With our instructions, helpful tips and an overview of the cooking levels,  you will succeed perfectly!

Grilling burgers: grease patties

Lightly grease the patties before grilling so that they don’t get stuck on the grid. Photo: House of Food / Bauer Food Experts KG

Basic recipe for 4 burger patties:

500 g fresh minced meat

Optional extras (e.g. finely chopped onions, garlic, dried herbs, chili)

Salt, pepper

Sunflower oil for greasing

Extra tip: A patty of 120 to 150 g is ideal for each burger. For large or particularly small burgers, you can, of course, use more or less meat accordingly.

That’s how it works:

Knead the minced meat thoroughly or with extras in a large bowl. Salt and pepper are only added to the patties before they are grilled. Shape the meat mixture into 4 loose meatballs of the same size with slightly moistened hands. Press balls into flat (approx. 2 cm thick) patties and use a teaspoon to make a small indentation in the center so that they do not bulge outwards when grilling.

Place the patties next to each other on a plate or stack them separately with baking paper. Chill or freeze for about 30 minutes to keep their shape when grilling. 

Season the patties lightly with salt and pepper and brush with a little oil. Depending on the desired core temperature (see below), grill on the hot grid,  with the lid closed for  5-10 minutes on each side. If you don’t have a grill with a lid, the grilling time will be extended by approx. 1-2 minutes on each side until the desired degree of cooking is reached.

Preparation tip: Use a burger press * to make the patties evenly. Alternatively, you can shape the patties in a serving ring.

Salt burgers before or after grilling? After shaping the patties, lightly salt them and grill them immediately. This way, the salt does not draw any unnecessary liquid out of the meat. After grilling, you can sprinkle it more generously with salt, pepper, and other spices.

Overview of cooking levels for burger patties

Everyone can do well-cooked burger patties like those from the fast food giant! Try different cooking levels. Do you like your steak bloody or medium fried? This is how you can prepare your patties too! If you choose these cooking levels, you should use fresh meat, as you will not cook it through completely. A good  meat thermometer and an overview of our cooking levels will help you achieve the right core temperatures:

Bloody (rare)

Approx. 43 ° C core temperature – the meat is grilled at very high heat just above the heat source and has a golden brown crust on the outside while it stays raw on the inside.

English (medium rare)

Approx. 50 ° C – the meat is well done on the outside, but the innermost core is raw.

Pink (medium)

Approx. 57 ° C-59 ° C – the inside of the patty is slightly glassy pink, outside of it cooked through.

Well done: From 65 ° C the meat is cooked through – for reasons of taste we only recommend this temperature for defrosted patties or during pregnancy.

Note : 

After grilling, the meat continues to cook, so it is best to remove it from the grill shortly before reaching the core temperature and let it rest. This allows the meat juice to be optimally distributed in the meat, and the patty stays nice and juicy.

Professional tip:

 No thermometer at hand? Then grill the meat on both sides for 3-5 minutes and then check the consistency by pressing lightly on the patty. If it offers a lot of resistance, it is well done. So, if you feel a slight resistance, it is medium, and if it can be easily pressed in, it is still raw. If necessary, continue grilling or remove the patty from the grill.

Grill burgers with chicken, salmon & Co.

Are you bored of the classic with minced meat patty? Then try something new! Whether juicy grilled chicken fillet , steak , roast beef or salmon fillet – create your very own favorite burger from the grill.Grilling meat – that’s the right way to do it.

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