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How much to tip movers

How much to tip movers. Tipping is not a habit for many people (and it also has a horrible history of manipulation). However, over time, this has become a habit in various service industries. Giving tips is not mandatory.

Tipping is not a habit for many people (and it also has a horrible history of manipulation). However, over time, this has become customary in service-based industries. Tipping isn’t mandatory, but it’s an expected and lovely thing to do for someone who, say, carried your entire bed up to five flights of stairs. But deciding how much to tip can feel like learning from an old wife’s story: No one tells you why they tip the amount they list, but your mom tells you to give the mover a ten-dollar once. And while it’s ultimately up to you, here are some tips on how to show your mover’s regular appreciation.

Tips based on a standard amount: How much to tip movers

Calculating tips for movers isn’t quite as clear as a 15 percent base for food service (which should be 18 percent, if you ask me). Plus, tipping in the food industry helps add to service industry wages (because tipping wages are a ridiculous standard that allows restaurants to pay their workers below the minimum wage). So, how much do movers earn in general, and what is the right amount to supplement that income?

According to ZipRecruiter, movers earn an average of $30,386 a year. If the recommended tip for restaurant staff is between 15 and 20 percent, you can expect movers to be somewhere in that range, depending on the cost of the job.

According to Move.com, “A good rule of thumb is to tip movers $4-5 per person for each hour worked.” If your move takes eight hours, you’ll need to tip about $40 per person—enough of the expenses to consider it part of your moving costs at all. Think of it as a larger party at a restaurant. Where a tip is included when you meet a certain number of guests. Include the surcharge of leads in your calculations when planning your moving costs.

Base the number on performance level

When I tip at a restaurant, even if the waiter does a mediocre job. I tip 18 percent (or 15 percent if they spoil everything). If the mover is late, rips a few corners, or breaks your wall, list the lower $4 range. The movers are still moving your stuff, so be sure to tip. The reverse is also significant. Ensure the information is above that standard tipping level when the mover does an outstanding job.

Appreciate the movers with food and drink too. Even something as simple as a classic lemonade and a cookie can make a big difference. Some may go as far as offering to buy lunch or dinner.
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