How to slow heart rate?

In a mouse, the heart beats about 450 to 550 times per minute. Their lifespan is accordingly short. The little rodents only live two to three years. With a pulse rate of 70 to 80 per minute, the human heart is much slower. People live correspondingly longer. In this article, we read about How to slow heart rate?

The fat years

But due to a lack of exercise and changes in eating habits, we encourage high blood pressure and obesity and make our pulse beat faster. Metabolic diseases such as diabetes and smoking also increase the risk of heart disease. Incidentally, heart failure is the most common reason for hospital stays. But we can prevent: the better the fitness – the slower the pulse and the longer the life.

Fitness up, pulse down to slow heart rate

So if you lower your resting heart rate from 80 to 60 beats per minute, you take the enormous strain off your heart. This even applies to active competitive athletes. This saves a whole year of heart work within three years. If the heart rate is lower due to physical training and is around 50 to 60 beats per minute, the heart can recover in the resting phase. Conversely, studies show that the risk of death triples within the next few years if the resting heart rate is above 90.

Get fitter to slow heart rate

More exercise, not smoking, and losing weight – these are important criteria for avoiding heart failure. A good condition is not only the key to fitness and sportiness but also to a healthy life.

No matter what: it should be fun and do you good

Whether on land, on water, in the snow, or at lofty heights; whether hiking, jogging, Nordic walking, or cycling; Inline skating, swimming, or climbing.

person having their pulse measured by nurse for bradycardia

No matter which sport you choose: It is important to always listen to your body, to feel your own limits and to keep an eye on your maximum heart rate.

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