How to stop spam texts?

How to stop spam texts: You might have gone through this situation as most of us when you received texts from an unknown identity. An unwanted instant message can be exceptionally bothering us. Not only because of spam texts, but our mailbox also gets messy, yet it additionally diverts us with rubbish warnings. Some spam messages additionally contain connections or links to possibly risky malware.

By tapping on that specific link in spam, messages could trigger malware that taints the phone. In some cases, the phone can be hacked by a message only if we permit it. The best thing is to try not to tap any link in spam texts or likewise try not to introduce any applications from obscure or unsubstantiated assets.

How to stop spam texts?

Sometimes we can give our phone number to local sites, and many spammers take a chance to bother us. Yet, normally, indeed, it is so normal these days to get spam messages, which are sent from any store to purchase their item, and from numerous undesirable and harmful applications which attempt to trick the clients. Getting spam messages in the Gmail box is extremely normal as we use our Gmail id in many places and spammers begin provoking things by sending spam messages. Attempt not to put your record on any web-based media stage or local site.

People nowadays are so busy with their work, and some are too conscious about their work. People like that get irritated when their phones keep on ringing. However, it is considerably more bothersome to see that it is not something dire but rather a senseless message from somebody. Firstly, the simple way to stop any spam text is to avoid or block the number you are getting spam messages. Open the message and search for the three dots in the top right-hand corner. Click the block option to stop receiving texts from that number.

Bottom Line

Some cell phone producers help their clients by incorporating the spam filter in the assembled message application. Indeed, even phone makers realize that it is so aggravated to get spam messages. We can enable the spam filter, automatically blocking unwanted messages. Open the default messages app. Then go to settings, tap on the spam filter or anti-harassment. Then stop the content, or sometimes you have to enter keywords like if you are getting discounts texts put the text discount or entering the specific phone number. So after this, you don’t get any spam messages.


As stated before, opening an irrelevant or unknown link can put you in a dangerous situation. You can also get into trouble because when you click on any link, sometimes it puts the virus on your phone, which can destroy the phone’s stability. Two popular apps used to stop spam messages are Robo Killers and Nomorobo. It helps to prevent us from taking any spam messages. It may cost you some amount, but it is also effective and controls unwanted spam calls and text messages. Many more apps have been developed for blocking or receiving spam texts.

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