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What is a duvet?

Down duvet refers to the duvet filled with the white goose down, gray goose down, white duck down, gray duck down, goose and duck mixed down and crushed down. It has the advantages of gentle warmth, moisture absorption, and ventilation. Many friends don’t know what a duvet is? Let’s learn more about the benefits of duvets.

What is a duvet?

The stuffing of the duvet is mainly down, which grows on the abdomen of geese and ducks, and becomes a flower-like fluff of reed, which is called feather in flakes. Because down is a kind of animal protein fiber, it has higher thermal insulation properties than cotton (vegetable cellulose). The down ball-shaped thread is densely covered with thousands of tiny triangular pores, shrinking and expanding with temperature changes, resulting in a temperature regulation function. It absorbs the hot air that the human body emits and isolates the cold air from outside.

The duvet core is divided into a white goose down, gray goose down, white duck down, gray duck down, mixed goose and duck down, and crushed down. The quality of the quilt mainly depends on its standard down content and filling amount. Their characteristics are as follows, natural goose down the large down flower, small feather stalk, good quality, flexible enough, vital warmth; duck down the down flower, feather stalk is worse than goose down, but the quality, elasticity, and warmth retention are high; Mixed velvet: standard velvet, poor elasticity, but good warmth retention; flying silk: processed and crushed from wool flakes, lacking elasticity and warmth retention, fine, low quality, and easy to agglomerate after washing. Some well-known brands of duvets include Catilon, Luolai, Boyang, Mengjie, Liuqiao, Shengyu, Bedtex, Divi, My Home Elements, Wensijia, Yanhuang, Baisihan, Hongrun, LSI, North Swan, Sinuolan, Diode, Philips, Sanhong, Golden Flying, etc.

What are the advantages of duvets?

1.Gentle and warm

There is no natural thermal insulation material in the world that surpasses the thermal performance of down. In addition, the down is full of elasticity, so the duvet is soft and warm and feels good on the skin!

2. Moisture absorption and breathability

Duvets are breathable and dry and have good moisture absorption and dispersion properties that other warm materials do not have. They are called “breathing quilts.” The central nervous system is stabilized and soon enters a sweet dreamland, so it also has a specific effect on beauty, “beauty under the duvet” is precisely because of this principle.

3. Clean and dry

In the state of sleep, the human body discharges about 170cc of water every night. Generally, the bedding will accumulate too much water soon after use. And it is easy to form a breeding ground for germs. It can cause discomfort to the skin or trachea. Ten thousand breathable triangular pores and the surface layer contains waterproof grease. Which can automatically shrink or expand with outside air temperature and humidity changes. It can quickly absorb human sweat and moisture. And disperse soon to keep the quilt clean and the human body dry. It can also use for a long time. Prevent rheumatism.

What is a duvet? I believe that through the above introduction, everyone is no longer unfamiliar with duvets! The advantages of duvets, I will share the benefits of duvets here for the time being. I hope it will be helpful for you to understand duvets.

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What is a duvet?

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