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How much does hair grow in a month?


How fast does hair grow? Many people ask themselves this question often. Because how fast does hair actually grow? Hair growth per month differs from person to person and depends on various environmental factors.

In general, it can be said that hair growth is 1 – 2 cm per month. That is an impressive 12 – 24 cm hair growth per year.

If you want to answer the question “how fast does hair grow” more precisely, more information is required. The hair grows indefinitely. The hair growth per month is not that easy to stop. This does not only mean the hair on the head, but also the rest of the body hair.

Affect hair growth through diet:

The question of how fast hair grows depends not only on genetic conditions but also on diet. Fish and nuts have elementary oils that are readily absorbed by the hair.

Is fast hair growth important to you? There are actually a number of healthy tips that can help against hair loss or improve hair growth.

Nutrients are important for healthy hair and its growth. Improper nutrition is reflected in the hair and skin through fatty tissue. With hair growth per month, the hair loses its strength and cannot develop properly as a result. The hair can be strengthened by nutrients and vitamins.

Increase hair growth through bee pollen:

An actual insider tip for hair growth per month is bee pollen. They are particularly successful because they are considered to be the ideal foods worldwide. Why?

They contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients like no other food. Strong and resilient hair is achieved with vitamin A. The calcium and magnesium levels keep the hair and skin in good condition and are an important factor for hair growth.

The circulation and the individual hairs are well supplied by vitamins B3 and E. Long-term intake is important for long-term healthy and long hair.

Does Caffeine Improve Hair Growth?

It is not entirely clear whether caffeine can affect hair growth per month. There are now a variety of products available on the market, such as shampoos, hair lotions, and tinctures that contain caffeine.

The manufacturers promise to prevent hair growth and hair loss. In fact, there is a brisk blood flow through caffeine. This means that more nutrients and metabolic products get into circulation.

The nutrients are ideally distributed and the toxins can escape more easily. Otherwise, a head massage can have the same effect as caffeine. The caffeine does not need to touch the roots of the hair.

The daily consumption of coffee and other beverages containing caffeine brings no or only a minimal effect and it is rather pointless.

Better hair growth through multiple visits to the hairdresser:

The persistent rumor that hair is exposed to faster growth after being cut is also not true. The hair grows thicker and this makes the hair look healthy and thicker. But it doesn’t affect the speed of hair growth.

The range of products for everything to do with hair is huge and has now become confusing. The content is the same in almost all shampoos, but there are always differentiations. For example, silicone-free shampoos will make your hair shine by eliminating hair splits and other things.

It is not entirely clear whether there is a health hazard for the hair.

How fast does hair grow per month?

Ultimately, the answer to the question of how fast does hair grow. It is 1 – 2cm a month . 2 cm is already above the guide value.

If you follow all the advice, you can certainly achieve an impressive 3 cm per month. There is no way it can get any faster. If you need longer hair for a short time, you can use hair extensions.

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