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Best LG Portable air Conditioners in the United States! 4 Major Advantages

The portable mobile air conditioner saves electricity and money and is easy to use. It can be placed in different houses at will. Its size is similar to that of a household vacuum cleaner.LG portable air conditioner has the charm of saving money, lightness, and skill.

Portable Air Conditioner (Portable Air Conditioner) is also known as a mobile air conditioner. The most popular brands in the United States are LG, FRIGIDAIRE, BLACK + DECKER, and the well-known domestic brand Haier. Among them, LG and FRIGIDAIRE are high-end brands. The main features are robust design, attention to detail, low noise, and intelligent control. Brands such as BLACK + DECKER pay more attention to cost performance. Not only do they have reliable performance, but the price is more acceptable, and these brands also have their unique features.

This article will combine the test results of test experts on the wirecutter website and the experience of some netizens to recommend several portable mobile air conditioners worth buying.

Wirecutter is a product recommendation website under the New York Times. It is composed of hundreds of well-known technical engineers and critics in the industry. It professionally recommends IT and home appliances products to everyone.

Before recommending portable mobile air conditioners to you, the following questions need to be understood:

The advantages and disadvantages of mobile portable air conditioners?

Advantage 1: Save electricity and money: LG portable air conditioner

Almost all American houses have central air-conditioning. Each time it is turned on, at least an entire house floor needs to cool. This is very power-consuming and wasteful. In summer, the electricity bill is as low as a few hundred a months and as many as thousands! The mobile air conditioner has low power and saves electricity. And you can save a lot of electricity bills if you have people in any room.

Advantage 2: Fast cooling speed

It often takes several hours for central air conditioners to start to cool to the specified temperature. In contrast, mobile air conditioners can quickly achieve the cooling effect because of the petite serving area (one room).

Advantage 3: Mobile flexibility

Mobile air conditioners generally equipped with universal casters, which can move as you wish, and you can cool wherever you want.

Advantage 4: Easy to install and use

There is no external machine, and no professional installation require. It can cool by plugging it in when you buy it home, and it can repair if it breaks in time.

Disadvantages: the noise is louder than regular air conditioners: LG portable air conditioner

The portable mobile air conditioner makes brown paint integrates, and the compressor evaporator and condenser are all integrated. Hence, the noise is larger and relatively noisy than ordinary air conditioners.

What is the cooling effect of mobile portable air conditioners compared with central air conditioners?

From a technical point of view, mobile air conditioners’ power and cooling capacity and ordinary air conditioners are the same.

The difference is the air duct circulation design. The air volume circulation of ordinary air conditioners aims at indoor air circulation, while mobile air conditioners reduce indoor air temperature while sucking in fresh outdoor air. Essentially, the air conditioner performs cooling and heating through outdoor compressors. Exchange cooling and heat, while the mobile air conditioner complete by the indoor unit alone.

Is there a difference between a mobile portable air conditioner and an air conditioner fan?

Simply put, one is an air conditioner, and the other is a fan.

Mobile air-conditioning

The mobile air-conditioning refrigeration system uses a new type of refrigerant to replacing the Freon R22 medium, which can significantly adjust the indoor air temperature and adjust to different temperatures according to needs.

In appearance, the mobile air conditioner has a very thick tube, which is used to exhaust the heat in the house and realize the air exchange in the place.

The air-conditioning fan uses water or ice as the medium and can deliver cold air below room temperature. Generally, the weather can lower by about 2-3 degrees than that of ordinary fans. The cooling effect is not very good for large areas, and it is not easy to use in high-temperature places. It will also increase the humidity in the air.

The air-conditioning fan blows the relatively calm wind into the house after passing water or ice.

The most recommended portable mobile air conditioners: LG portable air conditioner

Testing experts on the wirecutter website have studied more than 100 portable mobile air conditioners and tested nearly 20 of them. They found that LG’s LP1419 VSM is the quietest and most efficient one, and I would like to recommend it to you.

Quiet, power-saving, and efficient, the best recommendation: LG LP1419IVSM

Most portable mobile air conditioners are the same, but the LG LD 1419 VSM shows better cooling performance than other models. At the same time, it consumes shallow power, has the slightest noise, and can adjust the temperature more accurately than other models. The main reason is the dual-rotor DC-powered compressor unique to LG.

The general mobile air conditioner runs at the maximum speed or stopped, and LG’s technology can be very flexible and variable speed operation. Under various temperature and humidity conditions, the flexibility to reach the required temperature is higher. LG’s mobile air conditioner has the lowest noise among all products tested. In addition, it has many advantages, such as compatibility with Google Home or Amazon Alexa, and can control by a smartphone in the LG application. It is very convenient to operate.

Avant-garde design and stable performance: Frigidaire FGPC1244T1: LG portable air conditioner
LG portable air conditioner

Although Frigidaire FGPC1244T1 is not the most powerful or quietest portable mobile air conditioner, it has a very high energy efficiency ratio (EER). Its design is very avant-garde is the most beautiful in the test product. Frigidaire FGPC1244T1 is taller and slimmer than most portable mobile air conditioners, and it takes up less space. It can easily move to different rooms as needed.

In addition, it is easier to replace and install the filter screen than other tested products, and the unique telescopic panel can also install without tools, which is very convenient. Other highlights include a cloth cover for the exhaust hose. The remote control equips with a magnetic bracket, etc. In addition, like LG LP1419IVSM, it has the functions of smart home and mobile phone operation.

Low-profile, high-efficiency, cost-effective choice: Honeywell HL14CES LG portable air conditioner

LG portable air conditioner

Honeywell HL14CES does not have impressive new technology like LG or the unique design and function like Frigidaire. It is just a low-key, very sturdy, and durable portable mobile air conditioner. Although it feels a bit mediocre, its performance is entirely satisfactory: quiet enough, powerful enough, and easy to set up and use. If you do not pursue the brand but pursue cost performance, this mobile air conditioner is your first choice.

Economical and practical, sales champion: BLACK+DECKER BPACT08WT LG portable air conditioner
LG portable air conditioner

The Amazon #1 Best Seller product is enough to illustrate its popularity. In this price range, the cooling performance of BLACK+DECKER BPACT08WT is the best, but to be honest, compared to the previous test products, the artistry of Black+Decker BPACT14WT Slightly rough, the noise is relatively large, the control is not smart enough, and there are no beautiful small details of the previous models, such as the design sense, the magnetic bracket… But the price is the last word if your budget is limited, this product is also very worth starting.



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