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Eating before bed?

Eating before bed is not a good habit. It can cause various health issues. The most common health issues eating late at night can cause are obesity and acidity. When your body is getting ready to sleep, eating can cause digestion problems resulting in weight gain. Eating before bed can lead to slow metabolism of your body, which is not good for your well-being in the long term. 

But for many people, a little snack is before bed is highly satisfying. Therefore, if having a small snack helps them fall asleep, they should go for some healthy snacking options. So, there are a lot of conflicting opinions about eating before bed. It depends on the type and quantity of food you eat before bed.

Positive Aspects of Eating Before Bed

In some cases, eating before bed helps weight loss, sleeping better, and maintaining blood sugar levels.

Weight Loss

Even at rest, your body is continuously working, requiring energy to function. When you sleep hungry and hit the hay hungry, your body demands calories that it needs to re-energize. This outcome in your body was clutching carbs and fats instead of utilizing them as fuel. So, eating sleep-instigating snacks high in tryptophan and melatonin is good for you. However, they’ll likewise satisfy food cravings and give your body the energy it needs to recuperate around evening time.

Helps to fall Asleep

If your stomach is full, you can easily fall asleep. Because when we eat, for the sake of digestion, our blood flow towards the stomach and gut increases dramatically. And it causes low blood flow in the rest of your body, making you feel sluggish or sleepy.

Maintain Blood Sugar

Normally, blood sugar increases in our bodies after eating. It causes the release of insulin later, which helps maintain sugar levels in the blood. Fruits, nuts, cereal, and whole wheat bread helps to keep glucose levels. It makes you feel fresh the next morning.

Negative Aspects of Eating Before Bed

Eating before bed can cause slower metabolism, acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn, and health risks.

Slow Metabolism

Eating before bed badly affects the body’s metabolism that disturbs your digestion. That is long term become the major reason for weight gain.

Acid Reflux

Eating before bed can be the major reason for acid reflux. It happened when your body did not get proper time to digest food before bed. When you sleep right after eating, the acid in your stomach easily enters the esophagus that causes acid flex. 

Indigestion and Heartburn

Eating before bed also causes digestive problems such as discomfort or pain in the stomach. Improper digesting leads to heartburn that increases if you lay down right after eating your meal. To reduce the risk of developing these problems, try to eat 3 hours before bed.

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