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Features and Types of Medical Plumbing | Good Plumbing Specialists in Albuquerque


Treatment and prevention of various diseases are priority areas of public hospitals and private clinics. The well-being of patients is impossible without creating proper living and working conditions for the staff of medical institutions. It’s no secret that an important element for the normal functioning of the human body is water, which, after performing its undoubtedly significant functions, can turn into a breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. Such a phenomenon is unacceptable in the conditions of providing medical care.

Types of Medical Plumbing

It’s extremely important to choose the right plumbing for a number of hospital premises. It’s primarily due to the increased sanitary standards, rules for conducting various medical procedures and operations. Accordingly, intensive care units, delivery rooms, treatment rooms and a number of specialized departments need such equipment.

Here, an important role is played by high-quality sinks and faucets arranged according to the non-contact principle. The installation of such faucets can be performed on the wall or sink. The equipment range also includes automatic contactless devices.

Thus, you have the opportunity to purchase and install the following types of high-quality medical plumbing equipment in your hospital or clinics:

  • Contactless automatic sink mixers with a long spout. It’s modern equipment for mixing and supplying water. It has a sensor with an autofocus system, a non-return valve and a mud filter. Moreover, this equipment can be automatically configured to use water as efficiently as possible.
  • Medical sinks. They have a big size, and their concavity makes it possible to lean on them with your elbows. Installation is carried out using conventional wall mounts, and brackets are used for safer fixation.
  • Thermostatic control valves for a water heater. They protect children and patients with mental disorders from burns. It’s no less important in the everyday life of other patients.

Medical gas plumbing can be performed too. It’s very vital for heating rooms and making the conditions appropriate. Pay attention that such installation must be performed under the specialist’s control.

Plumbing Services in Albuquerque

For public facilities, the installation of economical, easy-to-maintain and daily operation of plumbing equipment is relevant. For hospitals that provide private medical services, these factors are extremely important too. After all, the correct arrangement of medical premises depends not only on the comfort of visitors but also on their well-being and the health of customers in general.

You should carefully choose medical plumbing Albuquerque – a lot of offers are in the market. Check the reviews and follow general trends. Pay attention that everything depends on your choice as your clinic status is very significant. It’s better not to save money but choose the best available option. 


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