The Difference Between Official and Informal Letters and Examples

Firstly, The Difference between formal and informal letter. Letters are a means of communication using paper media. The difference between these was prevalent before the internet spread widely.

Along with the times, e-mail helps to spread mail faster, although sometimes e-mail also replaces the function of mail.

Then, what is the difference between official and unofficial letters? Well, in this little author’s article, I will briefly explain to you.

Difference between official and unofficial letters

In general, there are 3 types of letters, namely official (formal), semi-formal (semi-formal), and informal (non-formal) letters. Hence, The difference¬†between file and folder has the same function, conveying the author’s ideas or thoughts.

Letters are also often used as evidence or reminders of an event, making it easy to track or recall events that have occurred before

However, Here, I will try to write down the difference between a formal letter and an informal letter:

Official letter (Formal)

  1. Using letterhead from an institution or organization
  2. Using mail number
  3. Have attachments (generally) described in the main letter
  4. Using formal language
  5. There are opening and closing greetings, informal language
  6. There is a stamp or stamp on the signature

Examples of official letters are:

  1. A letter from the school, for example, a school recommendation letter
  2. Letter from the Ministry
  3. The Letter from Bank
  4. Letter from the company
  5. etc

Informal letter (Non-Formal)

  1. Do not use letterhead
  2. No mail number
  3. No attachment
  4. Using mixed language (formal and informal)
  5. Using standard greetings and closings is not so formal
  6. No stamps are used in informal

Examples of informal letters include:

  1. Homemade school permit
  2. Letters between you and your friends
  3. Letter to parents
  4. Letters to seniors
  5. etc

Therefore, Writing official and informal letters is also different because formal or official letters use the structure and standard standards of each agency, company, or institution.

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