How to get Paint out of clothes?


The paint stains are the highly stubborn ones that are too difficult to remove; what to do when there is an accidental encounter of paint with the fabric? Most often, it is assumed that the clothes are no longer capable of being used again. However, in actuality, it is not that tough to remove it. The right strategy and tips will help you to get rid of paint stains out of the clothes. 


It is important to determine the nature of paint. The paint comes in different types of varieties, and hence its removal method varies from one paint to paint. It can be latex, oil paint, or any other. Let us see the most powerful method for stain removal from clothes.


Most often, the paint used in the home’s interior is acrylic or latex. The wet paint is removed with the use of a spatula or spoon. It helps much in removing excess paint from the fabric. However, if the paint is dried, it can tackle using liquid detergent. Apply it to the affected area so that the paint leaves the fabric. Get rid of old paint stains by mixing detergent with water or using liquid detergent.

When the paint gets absorbed in the deeper layers of fabric, the best way to remove it is to tape. Use strong tape such as auto repair, gaffe’s, heavy-duty duct tape, or others on the paint’s surface to remove it. Fresh paint is quite easy to remove through the use of warm water.


Scrape the paint with the assistance of the spoon edge. When it comes to the oil paint, then avoid using the rinsing. Else it would make the oil paint removal much difficult. Use the thinner or chemical paint solvent, which is easily available at any retail store. For most of the oil paint stains, it recommends using white spirit or distilled turpentine. Be cautious about the fabric, and do not apply turpentine to the clothing having rayon, triacetate, or acetate. After applying the chemical solvent, soak the fabric in lukewarm water for about an hour. The paint stain will gradually remove from it. Ensure to rub it occasionally with high-quality detergent. Ultimately, wash it with laundry detergent and let it dry. 


The dry clean only is the sensitive clothes which are too expensive too. These include velvet, wool, silk, and acetate clothes. Use the spoon or butter knife to get rid of excess paint. Avoid scrubbing with harsh brushes. Apply the dry-cleaning solution to the sponge and rub it gently over the paint stain. Use the dry spotter to absorb the oil or grease stains. If you do not have any dry spotter at home, you can use the liquid dry cleaning solvent or coconut oil. After bloating with the dry spotter, take another cloth and moisten it with the dry spotter. Place this cloth over the stain. The paint stain from the fabric will disappear and now rinse the clothing with the dry cleaning solvent.

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