How to Make Brown what Colour should I Mix?

How to make brown paint. When I’m drawing with paint etc.

How do you make that colour? There is that. 

 “It’s okay! It looks like this!”

When mixed with …

After all, it’s blackish

It becomes. Chain

To prevent that from happening 

Especially difficult to understand 

  • Brown
  • Beige, light
  • Orange
  • purple
  • Navy blue

I will introduce how to make (mix).

How to make brown: How to create brown paint

Brown is a colour that unexpectedly says “No !!”.


“What are you mixing ?!”

It’s a colour that you can’t understand even if you think about it.

Brown can be made by mixing this colour!: how to make brown paint

You can mix a couple of colours to make brown, but there are several ways to incorporate them.

In the case of paints, I will introduce them one by one.

How to make brown 

Yellow + red + black

The basis for making brown is

Mix the three colours “yellow,” “red,” and “black.”

The ratio is

Yellow is 5

Red is 3

Black is 1

The weakest of these three colours is yellow.

So, first of all, I will mix red with yellow.

What colour would you get if you mix yellow and red?

That’s right.

It turns orange, right? ^^

Add black little by little to it.

Black has the most vital colour, so it’s the last. The point is to add it little by little while adjusting the amount of black.

How to make brown
Make with three primary colours of red + blue + yellow

There is no one way to make brown.


Let’s see how to make it using the three primary colours of “red,” “blue,” and “yellow.”

When making these three primary colours of red, blue, and yellow, make the same amount of paint for the three colours.

If you mix it well, little by little, it will turn brown.

How to make brown Make with

green + red

Brown is

You can also make “green” and “red.”

You can make it well by mixing green and red little by little and adjusting.

It’s surprising.

Let’s make brown in such a case as this

You’ve seen the primary method of making brown.

It looks like this, but there are various types of brown.

Dark brown

Light brown

Dull colour


Let’s introduce how to make brown according to what you want to express.

How to make various browns : how to make brown paint

I want the colour chocolate.

It’s a so-called chocolate colour that is useful when drawing chocolate or tree roots.

This chocolate colour is

Yellow + red + black

You can do it.

!! ??

Is it the same as the primary method of making? That’s right.

That’s right. It means that you can make chocolate by changing the amount of colour.

  1. Add red to yellow to make orange. If
  2. yellow is stronger than orange, it will be easier to make chocolate.
  3. When yellow becomes an intense orange, mix black to reduce the brightness. If you reduce the amount of
  4. black, it becomes caramel or light brown, and if you increase it little by little, it becomes dark brown or chocolate. Become.
  5. Add black to your favourite colour.

It’s like that.

By the way, you can make brown by using blue instead of black.

Mixing blue with an intense yellow-orange gives a khaki brown.

If you want a dark brown colour like dark brown or chocolate, mix in black.

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How to make various browns  I want a brick colour.: how to make brown paint

Speaking of brown, it’s not just dark brown like chocolate. The reddish brick colour is also a brown companion. The colour is perfect for buildings and autumn leaves.

Basic when making brick colours,

Yellow + red + black


When I made the colour of chocolate, I made orange, which has a solid yellow colour, but the brick colour has a solid red colour.


Alternatively, if you have a pink colour, you can mix yellow with pink to reddish-orange and mix it with black.

How to make various browns : how to make brown paint

I want the colour of the lion’s mane.

What if you want a more yellowish-brown, a lion-like ocher brown?

After all

Yellow + red + black


But I want to make the yellow colour stronger …

When mixing black, add it little by little to create your favourite colour.

By the way, the bright yellow colour is here.

How to make various browns I want the colour of milk tea

It’s a dull brown colour.

For example, milk tea.

Light brown with milk mixed in moderate black tea and brown used to express old wood.

To make this, you first need the brown base.

Yes, That’s right.

Yellow + red + black

Make the basic brown with.

Next time, if you mix white with it, you will get a bright and muddy brown colour.

Or conversely, even if you mix a little brown with white, you can get a muddy brown.

How to make various browns  If you apply it further

I introduced you earlier,

  • chocolate
  • Brick
  • Lion’s mane

If you mix each “white,” you will get a dull brown colour.

“Chocolate color” to “white” and adding, close to your skin beige, Cafe Mocha You can colour like. It’s like this.

Then, “brick color” to “white” and adding cocoa colour and pink beige will be colour close.

It can also be applied to gel nails and hair colouring.


“Lion mane color ( ocher color system) ” to “white” and adding, a trench coat will be in colour, such as.

The bare brown colour is “yellow + red + black,” but I found that adding this colour balance and white makes it a dull colour, and you can make various brown colours.

Do you have any tips for mixing well?

By the way, to make brown, you have to mix some colours, but is there a trick to mix them well?

Tips for mixing well ①
maxresdefault 10

Prepare a sample

If you prepare a sample colour and make it while looking at it, you will have fewer mistakes.

For example, you can look for that colour in a picture book.

Mixing while looking at the sample colours makes it easier to imagine the colours and make them.

Tips for mixing well

Mix carefully, little by little

The point of mixing colours is to mix them carefully, little by little.

It’s best not to mix it little by little, but mix it a little and then mix it carefully until there is no unevenness, and then add colours again to adjust it.

in particular,

Once the black is added, it cannot be modified after that.

I put on a lot of blacks and failed! I want to add carefully from a minimal amount so that there is no such thing.

The trick is to mix a small amount well to make it even, mix it thoroughly, and add more black.

Tips for mixing well

Palette knife rather than a brush

For paints, mixing in a circular motion with a palette knife is less likely to fail than blending with a brush.

Let’s mix in a circle like sliding the flat bottom of the palette knife.

Can I mix and make other than paints?

It’s not just painting.

From stationery such as paint, coloured pencils, magic, crayons, gel nails, and even mixing colours with clay.

You can mix colours such as gel nails and clay to make brown, but what about other materials?

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