You can try different kinds of haircuts on your own where you will not need to visit any parlour or a beautician for a particular haircut. Once you have learned to cut various haircuts, it becomes easier to save a lot of your money. So, let’s discuss some of the cuttings you can try at home. In the following article, we get to know about How to cut your own Hair? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.


For this, you’ll need a simple hairbrush, tail comb and a scissor. So, brush your hair thoroughly to avoid any tangles. Then make a low ponytail of your hair at the back. Tie three rubber bands or ponies in a partition so that your second one reaches the place you want to cut and the third one bottom then it. Now cut below the second pony. Cut slowly and then trim it well. Now open your ponytail.

Now make two partitions of your hairs from the middle and lead them on each side. Both sides make two more partitions. And tie ponies there. To make them equal, trim them from the bottom. Whether there are some short or long hairs, trim them well from both sides and on both portions. Now open the tie and again trim them.


So, you’ll need the same things needed before. Scissor, hair ties and brush and tail comb. Please bring all of your hair to the front of your head and tie them with a pony or tie. Now tie one in the middle and the last pony on the end. Cut your hair above the last pony. And remove both the ponies from the middle and the last one, which already gets removed. Now you have only one tie left on the top. Let it be there.

Now make three sections of your hair. And tie a pony on all of the three in the middle. And trim them well from the ends. Also, think of them.

Open up the tie, see if the layers are perfect or if not, again do trimming to make it perfect. So your cut is ready.


With the same things without a pony, take a V shape hairs from the front from one arc end to the other. You can twist them all and cut them to the length you want to, and if not, this which I try myself, and the results are awesome, so you can try the other one firstly, going with the middle section and cutting it straight to the length you want to select and then making a layer from both ends.


Take a small V from the front and some hairs from both the corners of your ears. The V you have taken from the front, cut it into the length of your eyebrows or a little below if you prefer and then cut the hairs you have taken from your ears two inches below your chin level. Your cut is ready; you can set them well with a dryer, straightener and even only using a comb.

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