You can unlock any iPhone at a low cost from any carrier period running on iOS, even the latest one. It is the cheapest and only iPhone unlocking service available to unlock any iPhone. If your phone is paid-off, you try to contact your carrier first and ask them to unlock your device for you. In the following article, we get to know about How to unlock an iPhone? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

It would help if you traveled, but they have to unlock it for you as you are paying for this. But sometimes you seem to be too busy to do it yourself, so it is good to do it by yourself rather than traveling and unlocking your phone from the carrier.

However, some carriers won’t want to unlock it for you even if your phone is paid off, and then you have to use some method to unlock the phone. It’s currently on any iPhone. You can do it with any model of iPhone. So a couple of things you have to notice.


The first thing is that your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS. Then make sure everything is fine with your carrier, no matter which carrier you use. All calls, data, messages, and everything else normally work as they should.


This is not going to bypass an iCloud lock on the iPhone. If your iPhone is blacklisted, it surely isn’t going to work. Take both iPhones and take the unlock chips for different models. Of Course, the unlock chip is different for different models. First, you have to insert the sim card. Insert the sim card and turn on the mobile. Make sure you are connected to a good internet connection. Follow the prompts written there. Try to read the sim card and activate it. But since your iPhone is locked to the carrier. 

There is a message shown on the screen like sim is not supported on your locked iPhone. So you need to remove the sim card. Remove the sim card and place it with an unlocked chip. Take the sim card and place the unlock chip on it. Now put back the unlock chip and insert it into the sim case. Then the unlock menu will appear on both screens. Some options appear on the locked screen. Select the top option, which is edit ICC id. Then input the correct ICC id, which is provided to every iPhone. Enter the id and hit the icon sent. A screen appears with a message setup ok. Accept it and restart your iPhone.


Put the input in another phone as well. Click send. After you send it, a message appears on the screen which is about the new carrier that has been applied. Accept it and the power of the device. It will work and unlock your phone immediately. Some simple steps can also be done to see if it will unlock your phone or not. Remove your sim card and insert the new sim card. Our device will be activated. You can also backup your iPhone. Reset your phone and restore your backup from the I cloud or from your own phone.



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